Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"...experts recommend you find a hand-based craft such as knitting or crocheting to keep spirits high during chilly times."

Free form crochet fox

Steeking is scary to many knitters. What better month than October to try it and find out what a neat trick it is? We'll be making a scarf that will be knit in the round, steeked and the edges finished in one of several ways. Call or come in to set up your own personal class for you and your friends, if you like!

"Closing my eyes, I lift the sweater to my face and inhale deeply. The sheep smell takes me to a lime-green pasture brightened by sunshine and summer... I stand very still, close enough to imagine the animals’ contentment while they move slowly over the carpet that sustains them."
- excerpt from "Love in Every Stitch; Stories of Knitting and Healing"

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturdays at Grandma’s

Just had a cancellation for the Needle Felting Picture class at 1:00 this afternoon. In this 3 hour class, you will learn to create a picture using wool roving and a felting needle. You will be able to use the piece you make as a wall hanging, incorporate it into a bag or vest, as part of a quilt, or anything else that you desire.
Cost: $60.00 (includes a foam pad, felting needles, wool, pre-felt and roving, all the materials you need to create your picture.)
Call 290-3738 to claim your spot!


If you have wondered what the Spinning Classes are all about, come on down this afternoon and take a look.  Donna will be working with some students on how to determine which wheel is best for your spinning needs and how different fibers spin.

Or design elements!

That is why we like to start so many projects!

Friday, September 26, 2014

TGIF Thank Goodness it’s Fiber Day!

After several generations of being thought quaint, weird, slow, backward, old-fashioned, and obsolete, knitters have reason to feel gratified. Science has confirmed what we already knew. Knitting isn’t just quaint, weird, slow, useful, and beautiful. Knitting is good for your health.

We got some more gorgeous yarns in this week! The bundle of silk yesterday was to dye/die for. Roving, yarn, and more! Made us feel like Marco Polo on The Silk Road!

A no-sew, no-tool roving rug. I'm just crocheting a circle using merino roving. A basic circle pattern. Single crochets with my fingers.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Click on the picture to take you to the pattern if there is one.