Thursday, November 6, 2014

Patterns and Classes

Reversible Chevron Scarf

Runner’s Cowl

DK Rib Socks

Frozen-Inspired Cluster Scarf

Linen Stitch ColorBlock Wrap

Briar Rows Brioche Loop

Striped Pullover


Caramella Cowl

It's time to learn new skills in time for holiday gift giving!


In this class you will learn to construct a pair of wet felted slippers from wool roving.  These sturdy slippers can be made even more durable with the addition of leather soles or  latex.  Make sure to bring an anklet sock the size of the slipper you want to make as well as a couple of bath towels.           Instructor: Susie Baker  Cost:  $60.00, which includes 4 oz. of roving, enough to make a pair of average sized scuffs.  Additional roving is available for purchase if you want to make booties. November 8, 10:30-2:30

CLASS: 3-D Needle Felted Sculpture

"Needle Felting": refers to creating a flat felted or 3-D sculptured figure using felting needles and wool. It is really very easy, once you learned some basic techniques. On a microscopic level, wool fibers have a scaled structure. Using barbed felting needles, you will learn how to tangle and bind the fibers together to create your own miniature sculpture. Cost: $50.00, includes a foam pad, needles and wool, everything you need to create your first piece. November 15, 1-4 pm

CLASS: Knit and CrochetTawashi

Japanese Tawashi, or dish scrubbies, have become popular crochet and knit items over the past few years, perhaps because they are small, cute, and useful. A Japanese friend introduced eco tawashi to me about 5 years ago, when he asked me to make a  motif with 100% acrylic yarn. He explained that the yarn is made of very fine synthetic fibers similar to microfiber, and that this fine-filament material is the key to magical cleaning. The acrylic sponge is scratch-free, and you can use it not only for dishes, but also for the bathtub and shower, for washing a car - basically anywhere you want. Tawashi can be made from cotton, too, or a mixture of cotton and acrylic. $20 plus yarn.. November 20, 1-3 pm

CLASS: Beginning Rigid Heddle Weaving

WEAVING 101: In the first part of this 2-part class, you will learn to prepare your warp, dress the loom and begin weaving a scarf with yarns that you will purchase from the shop. You do not need to have your own loom; you may use one of ours. You will then take your loom home for 1 week, during which you will finish your piece. On the second Saturday of the class you will learn finishing techniques and how to correctly remove your scarf from the loom. If you have your own rigid heddle loom, you are encouraged to use it. Cost: $45.00. Instructor: Donna Kaplan November 22, 1-4 pm