Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eating dinner cuts into our fiber time, but we do need to keep our strength up.

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Lavender Dollies


Wallachian Sheep. The wool is coarse, nonuniform, and 12-20 cm long. Wallachian sheep were used widely for crossing with fine-fleece sheep, and in this way valuable herds of rugged, fine-fleece sheep with good wool qualities were obtained. Crossbreeds are raised in the Volgograd, Kaliningrad, Rostov, and other oblasts.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Yarn of the Week: Marble Chunky

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Marble Chunky Yarn
Weight:  200g
Length:  312m/341yds
Needle size:  US 10
Suggested Gauge:  14sts+20rows per 4 inches
Fiber Content:  100% Premium Acrylic

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Today’s Forecast….

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10 Reasons to Buy More Fiber

1. It insulates the cupboard where it is kept.
2. It keeps the economy moving. It is my patriotic duty to support wool farmers, textile mills, and yarn shops.
3. It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.
4. I'm participating in a contest - the one who dies with the most yarn wins!
5. It keeps without refrigeration, you don't have to cook it to enjoy it, and you never have to feed it, change it, wipe its nose or walk it.
6. Because I'm worth it.
7. Like dust, it's good for protecting previously unprotected spaces in the house, like the ironing board, the laundry basket, and the dining room table
8. It's not immoral, illegal or fattening. It calms the nerves, ratifies the soul, and makes me feel good.
9. Because it is on sale… because that is such a beautiful colour... I've never seen it before... I must have it.
10. Buy it now, before your husband retires and goes with you on all your shopping expeditions.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Support your local yarn store! They pick up dropped stitches.

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What activity do some people like to do all the time — just about anywhere — that involves joyful, vigorous, rhythmic movement?

Happy Birthday, Prince George!

How much yarn do I have left in this skein?

Ways to join yarn without tying a knot.

A woman named Leda knitting a swan in the 1920's

Perspective: Knit and crochet mistakes are easier to fix than cooking mistakes.

Sweaters on the hoof.

Norwegian women knitting c1910

Eight women knitting together. No info about who or where.